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CAD Apparel Pattern Design Services

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CAD Apparel Pattern Design Services Its main business is offering a full range of CAD / CAM services. Developing cut sketch with measurements from physical or sample grading in size and arrangement and drawing production capacity for cutting. Preparation of technical measurement charts and consumption levels for input materials. Long experience 23 g.ot which 16 with CAD system in the design of clothing and highly qualified staff are working gives us confidence for the development of models clothing of varying complexity for international companies and brands. We try to approach individually to each client taking into account the machinery and human resources, as well as the established ways of working in your company. Our services are used for start-up production companies and design brands and large international companies with strict confidentiality of available models and data. In times of reduced margins garment industry is increasingly looking for solutions that reduce costs. Many traders and manufacturers are turning towards the services (outsourcing) to achieve their goals. The fact is that a company you can not do anything very well, and cost-effective manner as a company specialized in this activity. Outsourcing allows to reduce the burden of non-core but important processes in the manufacture of garments. Companies that do everything themselves have much higher costs. Great% of staff time is not busy main business. Outsourcing of activities that significantly reduce costs. The increased efficiency will give your company a significant competitive advantage. Our services eliminate the need to find, recruit, train and manage qualified personnel and at the same time you get the work of professionals with great experience and only when you need it. High will appreciate the opportunity to contact us to better understand the requirements of your company, and the opportunity to discuss the provision of services tailored exclusively to your needs. Whether you are a trader, small or large producer, intermediary procurement or designer we have solutions for you!
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