Frequently Asked Questions

classified ads FAQ

  • is a global directory of textile resources freely accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • It is an international marketplace exclusive to textiles where textile companies and professionals can publish their resources free of cost.
  • The site in turn will advertise it to people who are looking for such information.
  • The interested people will contact the advertising owner.
  • And then the business starts.
  • Verified users are allowed to post textile resources by walking trough an easy to use form wizard.
  • Upon submitting the ad, the moderators/webmasters of the site will verify the content’s legitimacy and approve.
  • The approved ads will appear on the site for public to view. And within a few days the information will start appearing on search engines as well.
  • You may goto // > Manage (All) Ads for editing or correcting the submitted information. The correction will put the ad status to ‘Waiting for re-approval’ and the moderators needs to approve it again.
  • The ad can be archived if no longer required.
Nothing monetarily.
But a few minutes to register and post your resources.
As long as you dont archive it.
Archive it.
Goto My Account. Select archive option against the item you wish to unsubscribe.
Literally any ad directly or indirectly related to textiles, which may include...
  • Textile events, trade fairs, trade shows, seminars, workshops
  • Textile job openings
  • Old and New textile production and processing machinery, like…
    • Fiber, spinning, felting, weaving, knitting, printing, dyeing, embroidery, cutting, garments production and processing, etc.
  • Old and New textile products, by-products, wastes, such as…
    • Clothing of all kind, organic/ medical/ industrial/ automobile/ home/ safety textile materials, etc…
  • Textile companies and institutions, such as…
  • Manufacturers, distributors, resellers, commission agents, traders, schools, colleges, websites, books, and periodicals etc.
  • Most of the websites that provides free advertising such as Craigslist, OLX are for general information. On the other hand host exclusive textile information.
  • People who visit are primarily related to textiles, hence they will be more interested with building business contacts and the resources, hence probability of increasing the prospective clients are very high.
  • The ad publishing is absolutely free for lifetime, and no hidden costs whatsoever.
  • The information will be verified and approved before appearing on the site, making sure that the contents are genuinely textile oriented.
  • First, you need to create an account, for that…
    • Goto // and update your details
    • A confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email id
    • Check your mail and click ‘Activate’ link in the mail to confirm the account
  • After confirming the id, login to the site
    • Goto
  • Once logged in, you may click the ‘Publish Free Ad’ button on top corner of the site to proceed with ad creation.
  • Any users who visit the site will be able to filter out the result according to their requirement, specifying specific criteria.
  • Users are allowed to visit your ad from the filtered result
  • Each ad item is equipped with the following to interact…
    • Users are allowed to rate your ad
    • Comment on the ad
    • Interact with you through e-mail
    • Report the authenticity of the ad to us (the webmasters)
    • Share the ad content on the social network pages
  • Visitors are allowed to contact us for enquiry through the contact us page at
  • Visitors can interact with us through online chat window, through which will be able to guide them and answer their queries.
  • Visitors are also allowed to drop their email id in the “subscribe” input box (at the bottom of the site), which will allow us to send periodic updates of the products and services appeared on the site.
  • We don’t SPAM.
  • Periodic content summary emails will be sent to you, provided you have opted for it.
  • The contact information such as email id and phone numbers are hidden by default and will appear only when contacted through our website.
  • In addition to that, the site will be published with a secured certificate soon, which will ensure the authenticity of the site
  • No. At present is not an eCommerce site, but a collaboration site that allows textile stakeholders to exchange information and interact.
  • We are planning for advertisements (not the classified ad that you post, which are infact the site's content) from third-parties on the site for monetization.
    Also analytical reports on trends and requirements may be sold to the people for a price.

Presentation: PPSX

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