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2015 Established Year
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Jixing was founded in 2015. which invested 32 million and build a new factory in anji county, which increase its capacity to 50,000 tons per year. Jixing, as one of the leadership this Field to produce polyester fiber recycled and virgin .

We have set up Shanghai office as international point in 2018 after developing rapidly for more than three years. Since then, we only only sell to domestic market but worldwide. Jixing fiber has become a brand with a good reputation and wide influence in worldwide at present. corporate culture and scientific research and development capabilities.virgin hollow conjugated fiber we produce can meet the requirement of different clients and are warmly welcomed by them. For years. We has been paying more attention to the enterprise internal management .We have been obeying with the enterprise spirit "Honesty, Pragmatism, Professionalism " and complying with the operation principle of "Quality first, Customers first, Enhance the brand ". at the same time, solid 0.9D siliconized is our advantage product that can sell a lot

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    50000 Square metre Annually
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huzhou ,anji city
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Phone Number: +86 572-5875555
E-Mail: lufangfiber@126.com
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