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New York, NY, USA Aug 24, 2018 803 Views Map Comments
Private Limited Company Type
USD 5 Million Turnover/Annum
2010 Established Year
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#Employees: 123
Area M2: 2,500
Company Profile

PANDA SILKĀ® is a leading brand in silk bedding industry, offering silk bed sheets and bedding sets made of 100% pure mulberry silk. offers luxurious mulberry silk sheets, silk duvet cover, silk pillowcases. 19, 22, 25 and 30 Momme silk fabric available.

PandaSilk is devoted to making the finest silk bedding products with 100% pure mulberry silk. Its seamless technology assures the softest, top quality silk bedding for they are made of one complete silk fabric without any seams. The cost of making seamless silk sheets are higher than seemed silk sheets, because the cost of a big, complete silk fabric is very expensive.

Product Capacity
  • Bed Linen
    20000 Piece Annually
  • Hong Kong
    Production Unit
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36 W 34th St, New York
New York, NY, USA
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Phone Number: +1 (413)438-7891
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