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Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan Nov 04, 2017 1,126 Views Map Comments
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USD 3 Million Turnover/Annum
2000 Established Year
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Company Profile
Welcome to Thistle Rose Enterprises Leading of International supplier of Irish & Scottish Clothing, Scottish Wears, Kilts Outfits, Scottish kilts, Semi Dress Sporran, Full Dress sporrans, Day Sporrans, Night Sporran, Scottish sporrans, fur sporrans, leather sporrans, horse hair sporrans, Celtic buckles, Scottish Buckles, kilts belts, Embossing Kilt Belts, Drum Major Uniforms, Drummer Uniforms, Highland uniforms and Accessories, piper badges, drummers badge, patches, drum major, batons, mace, marching sticks, Scottish kilts, ladies kilts, mini skirts, ladies sexy skirts, kilts pins, highland bagpipes, practice chanters, French bombard chanters, wooden tambourines, Irish bodhrans, bodhrans Beaters, bodhrans Skins, Vellum Drum Heads, glengarries, balmorals, feather plums, Prince Charlie Kilt Jackets, Argyll Kilt Jacket, Vests, Ladies Vests, socks, flashers, kilt hose, hose tops, piper shoes, piper doublets, drummers doublets, military tunics, Scottish pipe band doublets, military doublets, waist belts, piper cross belts, drummers cross belts, sword knots, hand made badges, family crest, Metal Cap Badges, sashes, WW II items
Product Capacity
  • Clothing
    0 Piece Monthly
Registered Office
Postal Address
Post Box 135.
Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan
Contact Info
Phone Number: +92 3217897329


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